Don't Measure, Cut Yourself

by Latcho Drom

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Recorded/mixed/mastered by Jesse Northey, at Edmontone Studios, January 2016


released April 1, 2016

All songs by Latcho Drom

Aaron, Corey, David, Elliott, Matt

Art & Design by Olivia Forsyth



all rights reserved


Latcho Drom Edmonton, Alberta

Latcho Drom is a band from Edmonton that plays weird loud music about human fallibility, historical abuses of power, and the power of love. Their latest release, Whiteout, chronicles a breadth of Albertan experiences. Ride The Tempo called it "absurd but totally endearing."

If you like: Metz, Pup, Sonic Youth, Star Trek
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Track Name: Napalm Mom
we're leaving
and combusting
two sparks shiver shake and sigh
on a wild ride
like fire falling from the sky
want to be with you all the damn time
transformed in soot and smell and sound

so how do I wrap that up in a nice and widely relatable metaphor?

I love you so f-ing much!

writing flowing beautiful multi-clausal sentences
to express the depths of my affection

i just want your arms wrapped around me
and i don't want you to ever let me go
Track Name: Knapweed
crushed up plant matter
sprayed with research chemicals
different cannabinoid receptors
it's kind of like smoking lies

coming out the other side
of the waters of life
there has got to be
a better way to get high

new and different
perspectives and perceptions
more weed than man
on some highway through the mountains
Track Name: Cocoahaley
indie rock mom & dad are splitting up
so i guess there's no more room for love
ancient iconography that doesn't mean shit to me
joint custody of our shared biographies

counter intuitive biological processes
multiple orgasms, discrete muscle spasms

evolutionary my dear data
wont someone please think of the children?
nobody really knows what they're doing
flashback 2007
effervescence, phosphorescence

indie rock moms & dads are getting divorced
every day of course of course
every day off course of course
I'm still queen of the castle
so i guess that makes me the asshole
and now that's never gonna change
Track Name: Chronographer
elementary school parking lots in daylight
some dirty drug deal goes down
two cars depart in opposite directions
cutting these powdered leaves with ammonia and benzene

the boss called to say you're okay
and we just called to make sure you're okay
and to let you know we're still available
greasy and sweaty, ominously threatening energy
like the surprise of watching yourself be tortured to death on live TV

pocketful of secrets
hard cochise shit
gonna push this body as far as it goes
Track Name: Shit District
shit district
has a nice ring to it
but who is really gonna benefit?

let's all go hang out in shit district
not the shit district
and if we're lucky maybe we'll get beat up for wearing our lavender cardigans

shit district
we'll build it, but you'll pay for it
aspiring shit district managers
and real estate developers
buncha fucking magicians
Track Name: Flu Shot
this song is called flu shot it was originally gonna be called something else but then david suggested flu shot which i liked more so the following is a list of words i got off the wikipedia entry for spanish influenza

storm, cytokine storm, cytokine cascade, hypercytokinemia
Track Name: Classy Lassy
i think you're pretty
i think you're really pretty
trusting you not to hurt me
hanging out in parking lots drinking
i mean i'm not really that country, but i can pretend
a real fucking lady knows how to hold her whiskey

she said she was trouble and i've been troubled all my life
beautiful bright blue diamonds sparkle in her eyes
tender hearts in troubled times
wincing through these tortured rhymes
wincing through the really real world that we knew

you're my inspiration
you inspire me
a real fucking lady
who knows how to hold her whiskey

she said she was trouble and i've been troubled all my life
and besides, who can't use a little trouble once in awhile?
Track Name: Slide
like a slide
you can't stop
you just fuck yourself up
slick fucking slide to a train terminal somewhere in the netherlands
these sheets of metal get hot in the sun
but it's still better than the plastics in our blood
wake up sleeping wake up sleepyhead
i'm probably not yet done fucking up so i'm sorry in advance though i don't yet know for what
tie a knot around each knuckle and each knuckle to a rope and each rope to a string to a locomotive speed in 360 by 360 power degrees instantaneously
are these feelings lying to me?
I mean, how can they not be?