by Latcho Drom

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Some old recordings and some new recordings.


released February 25, 2017

All songs written by Latcho Drom

Tracks 1, 8, 9 recorded January 2016 by Jesse Northey at Edmontone Studios
Track 2 recorded April 2013 by Tom Kerr at the Turtle Pond
Tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 recorded July 2016 by David Letersky

Mastered by Doug Organ
Art/Design by Tierra Connor

Aaron De Leon - Drums
Matt Gooding - Bass
David Letersky - Guitar
Corey Polo - Keyboards
Elliott Schelske - Guitar/Vocals

Chris Kessler - Bass on track 2
Mike Wichuk - Guitar on track 2

Enlightened Despotism 2017



all rights reserved


Latcho Drom Edmonton, Alberta

Latcho Drom is a band from Edmonton that plays weird loud music about human fallibility, historical abuses of power, and the power of love. Their latest release, Whiteout, chronicles a breadth of Albertan experiences. Ride The Tempo called it "absurd but totally endearing."

If you like: Metz, Pup, Sonic Youth, Star Trek
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Track Name: Everyone's A Stupid Dickbag
Everyone's a stupid dickbag
So vacant and empty
still getting high on cruelty
and believing believees

Everyone's a stupid dickbag
a dumbly selfish and aware and
still too dickish to care

Everyone's a stupid dickbag
and it really bums me out
that you've gotta deal with it
Track Name: Whiteout
white out
it's a white out
a blinding blizzard of white out
white out
it's a white out
snowblind waiting to take the bright out
can't see both hands on the wheel
positively blizzardy
can't see, black ice sheets
positively blizzardy
can't see can't see can't see can't see

a million snowflakes
this landscape handshakes
tiny frozen floating little lakes
frazzled razor blade mistakes
flung glass shards in your face

can't see through the windows
the frozen water flows
slowly closing in
Track Name: Knots
like hanging on
too tightly to
the rigging
that's a sailing word I think
when what you really need to do
is let go of the rope

god damn this song
tied up in knots
it's just a word I liked and thought looked cool
and ain't we all dressed so cool

like getting really high
and watching the sun rise
the old night is dying
so the new day can be born

god damn this song
tied up in knots
it's just a fucking word I like and I thought looked cool
and ain't we all so fucking cool

I'm so over the original conceit to this song

so we're still getting caught
up in all the knots
that we draw taught
between us all
are you a butterfly?
is this your cocoon?
Looks a lot like a coffin
and these knots a noose
and this voice is a tomb
Track Name: Coal Seam Fire
this fire, she's like the mouth of hell:
all burning and cursing and belching billowing smoke upward to the cosmos, the fire lit deep deep down underground where the ground itself is the fuel and dirt burning embers and plumes and fumes distance measured in fathoms and we can hardly fathom devastation so wanton, unceasing, unneeding, a nightmarish landscape of life collapsing in on itself
crushed by it's own weight

so we'll trace this coal seam fire as it spits and spouts out the holy smokes that choke and enclose us with it's yellowing eyes all empty and engorged and lying in wait for the unfortunately opening doors that cast backdrafts like a spell summoning hell
Old King Coal bellows his last rebel yell with a hunger no violence can quell
Track Name: Ours
this gold is ours
these golden hours
this time they're ours

fantastic, refracted, prismatic, redacted
non-deterministic, stochastic statistics
that's right I said stochastic
and yes, I had to look it up, what it meant

nervously and awkwardly led me too your room
i would like to wake up next to you
so I let myself fall asleep in your arms

morning sunlight peeking through the cracks between the blue curtains hanging in your room
the early morning of dreams
when you're almost thirty
how incredibly lucky your parents are out of town
Track Name: Horsefucker
some stupid Hittite
if fucking horses is so great, where's your empire now?
Listen, some cultures ritualized horse sex, and they built empires you can read about in the Bible
Horsefuckers, and their chariots
just 'cause you conquered it, doesn't make it yours
what else would you have me say?
Horse make love to-er of?
Horse love-to maker-of?

Get your creep on creeping on some lustful smut to hate on
a breezy yeezy, fuck this weepy cantina
a blast silo, fuck you, are we done self hating yet?
what a putrid fucking gaze
and a dreadful cost to laze
and I won't complain, I will complain
it's all fucking happening
so let's drop it down for a second,
and let's get real,
let's aside to the audience
break down that fourth wall
and admit to each other that we all know this is all a show

just 'cause you conquered it doesn't make it yours
horsefucking your way from sea to shining sea
Track Name: No Chill
no chill
you've got no chill
and it's chilling me to the bones

that's okay, I'll chill enough for the both of us
Track Name: Hey! (I Love You)
you give me goosebumps
and all these old sounds
make my heart shiver now
like never before

just looking for someone's eyes I can get lost in for all time
just looking for someones eyes I can stare in to for all time

the emotional content rings true
and these vibrations reverberate through
this battered nervous system i call home
but a home that makes me feel so alone without you around to brighten the corners of these vacant rooms,
and how weird is it to say "I love you?"
words that once seemed so useless have been given new meanings
and all of it collapses when confronted with you
Hey! I love you!
Track Name: Alberta Drunk
We're gonna get Alberta drunk
Fixing to get Alberta drunk
don't tell me we can't get Alberta drunk

When Alberta storms in to your home
and proceeds to take off their clothes
and drinks all the whiskey and throws down the bones
and we're all amazed it didn't descend to blows

When the wasted train rolls in to town
and the cold and the darkness brings you down
you can't even stand, let alone think
so you drink and you drink and you drink 'till you're Alberta drunk

We know we'll die early but we don't even care
to save the worst years of our lives for despair
no point to get going we're going nowhere
so let's get drunk and light up our chest hair